Brewing Perfect Beer

Technology of beer production is based on the recipe that is known since ancient times. Technological innovations over time only improved the process of beer production and beer packaging, both. Taking what is best from the fields, water and woods around them, population of Apatin was famous for recipes for producing the perfect beer for two and a half centuries, and they are upgrading this tradition nowadays. 

The technological process of beer production in Apatin Brewery is the result of several centuries of experience in creating recipes for perfect beer and investments contributing to production improvement, as well as application of the beer production global leader’s experience, subjecting all knowledge and capacities to only one goal: satisfied consumers that will keep coming back to us. 

The Secret of Brewing Perfect Beer

Water quality is of extreme importance for the quality of beer. Our brewery always paid special attention to its quality, which is clear from the state-of-the-art water preparation process from the technological aspect that was recently introduced called reverse osmosis. 

Laboratory testing of raw material, semi-product and product quality is the second key factor of creating quality finished product – beer. Each phase is controlled – from the reception of basic raw materials, through its processing to the initiation of bottling, all the way to the final delivery to the market. Perhaps we are too strict to our products, but – beer quality has been our recommendation for over 260 years, and this must continue! Quality assurance we offer on the market has been confirmed by our brewery using the services of best locally and internationally accredited laboratories. 

The production process includes several phases: production of wort, fermentation, aging, beer filtration and drafting. 

Beer production starts in the brewhouse or the “heart of the brewery”. This phase is called mashing and includes milling the malt with gradual adding water and constant heating. The mixture of milled malt and water is carefully heated by selected technological process resulting in mesh. Hop is then added to mesh, which is very important for the aroma of the beer. The product leaving the brewhouse is called wort. 

Brewer’s yeast is added to the wort, starting the fermentation under controlled pressure and temperature in fully modern vessels – fermenters. During fermentation, yeast turns present carbo-hydrates into ethyl-alcohol and carbon-dioxide. 

After the fermentation process the yeast is separated from the beer and so-called young beer ages. The equipment of modern aging tanks is very similar to fermenter’s. Aging period impacts the quality of beer and each brewery keeps them completely secret.

When the beer has aged or matured enough the final phase of production commences, filtration. Filtrated beer is kept in tanks under pressure until drafting. Apatin Brewery includes 4 filling lines for glass bottles, two lines for PET (plastic) packaging, one line for kegs and one line for filling aluminum cans.