Apatin Brewery, in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts, within the educational project “You Recycle Too – Art-cycling 2017” presented the first sunshade made of recycled material. This unique sunshade was made from 800 plastic bottles, it is four meters high and weights more than one ton. The idea for the creation of the “recycled” sunshade came from the professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Marko Ladjušić, who, together with his students and in cooperation with Apatin Brewery connects art and recycling through creativity within the “You Recycle Too” project.

“This is our fourth mutual project with which we are trying to point out the importance of recycling packaging and preservation of the environment. This time we wanted to create objects with both artistic and utility value and show what can be done from recycled material” said Marko Ladjušić, professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts and the author of the exhibition.


After the exhibition in Belgrade, sunshade was a part of the Šabac Summer Festival, after which it was permanently installed on the beach in Apatin, for citizens of Apatin to enjoy. 

“Apatin Brewery pays special attention to sustainability and environment protection, rational use of resources and reduction of waste. Molson Coors, and we as its member, accomplish significant savings through water and power saving programs. Our goal is to become a company that will no longer produce waste by 2020 through waste management, recycling and reuse” stated Slobodanka Cucić, Corporate Affairs Manager in the Apatin Brewery. 

Through the “You Recycle Too” campaign, implemented since 2008, Apatin Brewery tries to raise awareness of the public and educate citizens pointing out to the benefits we all share from recycling, and to show the utility value of packaging. So far, activities such as “Recycle Triathlon”, “Recycling Basket” have been executed, activities of collecting cans at the Beer Fest and in Guča, as well as educational workshops where citizens familiarized themselves with the advantages of recycling. Additionally, exhibition of art work from recycled PET bottles “Ten for 260” was organized as well as the exhibition of works from recycled cans from the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts within the manifestation “April Meetings”.


An average family in Serbia throws out approximately 40 kilograms of plastic packaging per year.