Within the educational project “You Recycle Too”, the Apatin Brewery, in cooperation with Solagro team and Sekopak marked the International Recycling Day, in order to draw attention of the public once more to the importance of proper recycling waste disposal. In order to encourage and motivate its consumers to recycle in an interesting way the Brewery presented the recycling table football (foosball), customized version of the popular game that uses empty cans instead of chips or coins.


All you need to do is scan the code of an empty beer can and throw it in the slot, thus releasing the balls for the game.

XO Magic Box drew a lot of attention, which is a modern version of the popular XO game. XO Magic Box uses empty cans for “marking” X and O fields. After putting the empty can in, LED diodes light the field with X or O on them and in this manner the players recycle, having fun with this famous mind game.

All visitors had a chance to test the functioning of interactive smart crushers that are set on several locations in Belgrade, for now. This innovative recycling system connected to the mobile app enables communication with customers and collecting points for winning prizes.

“Recycling Day is another opportunity to remind the public of the impact of recycling in protecting the environment. Brewery is one of the founders of Sekopak, the first operator of the package waste management system, and from 2010 to present day, we have secured over 220,000 tons of all types of package waste sent to recycling. Our goal is to become a company that will not send its waste to landfills by 2025, through waste management, but send it to “recycling”, said Slobodanka Cucić, Corporate Affairs Manager of the Apatin Brewery.


Slobodanka Cucić, Apatin Brewery


Violeta Belanović Kokir, Sekopak 



Nemanja Janić, Solagro


After the presentation in Belgrade, the games will be an integral part of the “You Recycle Too” campaign that will visit the largest festivals in Serbia this summer and this may encourage the youth to think about proper waste disposal and recycling.