“When I Drink I Don’t Drive” Campaign in Guča

Apatin Brewery reminded drivers in Guča of responsible alcohol consumption this year too
Guča, 14 August 2017 – Visitors of the Guča festival had the opportunity to test their motor skills through interesting activations prepared by the Apatin Brewery within the “When I drink I don’t drive” campaign, with the goal of raising public awareness on the importance of responsible consumption and risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Trumpet fans found the activations with “drunken glasses” – Mega Wire especially interesting, that tests the patience, stability and coordination of driver’s hands, finding and unlocking the appropriate lock as well as the board on which the visitors connected traffic signs using drunken glasses. 

Drivers found leaflets on their cars inviting them to test their motor skills through short exercises and, if they used alcohol, to wait for the bus, walk or call a taxi or a friend. 

Apatin Brewery executes the “When I drink I don’t drive” campaign in cooperation with the Traffic Police of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia for the tenth year in a row. Within the campaign, the Brewery donates MI alcometers of the latest generation every year. So far, a total of 95 alcometers have been donated, and during next week, additional 10 alcometers will be donated in order to facilitate efficient work of the traffic police.